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Pannie Kianzad is a professional MMA fighter, former Cage Warriors bantamweight Champion, an Invicta Fighting Champion and a current contestant on The Ultimate Fighter 28.

Pannie is sponsored by Combat Dollies.



Kerry Hughes is a professional MMA fighter and Invicta Fighting Champion.

Kerry Hughes


I’m a paragraph. Double click here or click Edit Text to add some text of your own or to change the font. Tell your visitors a bit about your services.


I’m a paragraph. Double click here or click Edit Text to add some text of your own or to change the font. Tell your visitors a bit about your services.

My martial arts journey has been a bit of a strange one, I started out in Muay Thai when I was just 13, at what is now the Muay Thai Masters Academy in Tottenham. I loved the sport but got injured after training for a few years and fell into the trap of drinking and eating too much and socialising rather than training. When I was 20 I embarked on a full time career and maintained a rather active social life.

At Christmas in 2010 I took a look in the mirror and reached the sudden realisation that I was morbidly obese (116kg to be precise), I wasn’t even really sure how it had happened, it had rather crept up on me. The next day I went down to my local Fitness First and signed up straight away, I also decided to cut out take away food and chocolates and sweets.

It was a long process, I started off just hitting the exercise bike for 45 min, 3 times per week. By my birthday in February I was down from a size 20 to a size 16 and was feeling really happy. I remember thinking to myself ‘I’ll never be thin, but if I could get to a normal size like a 14 I’ll be happy’.

In June 2011 I was down to a size 14 but getting really bored of going to the gym and doing the same thing day after day, a friend gave me the advice to find something I actually enjoyed, whatever that might be, to motivate me to get out there and keep doing it. I had a long think and the only thing that fit the bill was Muay Thai.

I did some research and found a new club in Colchester, called BKK Fighters. I quit smoking on the Friday, then showed up on Monday for a class. I was instantly hooked and signed up as a member that night. I was in the gym 5 nights per week training with Stuart Barlegs and I could feel my fitness improving almost daily.

In December 2011 Stuart told me that his friend needed a short notice fighter for their show in Crawley, in 8 days time against another debut. I was actually shocked that he thought I was good enough to compete but decided to give it a try – if I recall correctly the fight was at 75kg, I couldn’t believe that I’d lost over 40kg in a year. I won the fight and was absolutely buzzing.

In January, Stuart went on an extended holiday, I didn’t want to lose the momentum I had built up and so Stephen Byerley and Jack Mason talked me into trying MMA. I hated my first class, I spent it being triangle choked by a bloke I’d never met and the concept of grappling was completely alien to me. I was lucky enough to get some fantastic one on one tuition from Steve and I soon started to improve and learned to enjoy it.

In May 2012 Jack told me I had my first amateur MMA fight coming up in June on the Women Fight Back show, the rest is history. I went 3-0 in my amateur MMA career, including winning the BCMMA amateur bantamweight title. I fought for and won the 66kg amateur UCF K1 title. I turned pro in June 2013, taking a decisive decision with over LJ Adams at UCMMA, before being signed to CW. My pro career stands at 3-1, including a KO victory over multiple world Muay Thai champion Amanda Kelly and I currently hold the BCMMA womens pro bantamweight title. In the interim I began training with Jez Lord at Semtex Essex, as well as BKK Fighters. Under his tuition I made my pro Muay Thai debut against the UK number 2, losing a narrow decision win and fought 8 times world champion Marie Lang for the WKU world kickboxing title.

29th October 2016 sees me fight Sophie Gallagher for her British Muay Thai title, and I make my first defence of the BCMMA title on 3rd December against Lucie Bertaud.

I am flattered to have been asked to represent Combat Dollies in my training and fight prep, it’s a brand I’ve watched grow from a tiny idea that a fellow fighter had to a really cool line of fightwear designed specifically for female combat athletes - not something that’s very common and definitely a gap in the market. I love the individual designs and the cut of the clothing, I also love the ethos that the guys running it promote, they don’t use random skinny models, all their gear is modelled by actual athletes so you know what it will look like and how it will fit.

Really looking forward to working with you guys, thank you for the opportunity.

Jemma Palmer


Jemma Palmer aka Inferno the fire breathig & dangerously destructive star from the TV show  Gladiators on SKYONE  & BBCAmerica. Prior to being a Gladiator I was a power lifting athlete & international champion pro-wrestler gaining contracts from the top 2 wrestling federations in the world ‘WWE & TNA’ & being star of Uk pro wrestling show UKWrestling on MyTv.   I have been involved in the health & fitness industy for many years, as a teen I had success in competitions such as Musclemania & Hawiaan Tropic & modelled for international magazines such as Maxim, FHM, Loaded & Muscle and Fitness, whlst training as a track & field athlete in Long Jump, 100m Sprint & Javelin. I recently took some time off from the entertainment industry to study FdSc Strength, Conditioning & Coaching to compliment my personal training & nutrition coaching and I’m now working on projects for my sponsors, writing articles for health & fitness magazines, stunt performing on TV/film & shooting with some great photographers.As an entrepreneur I set up & own a few succesful businesses including,, & am always developing/looking for new opportunites.As a profesional athlete I’m very focused on developing my MMA career, I train fulltime & cant wait to compete around the UK in Jiu Jitsu & MMA next year. I’m a strong believer of the dream, believe, work hard, achieve philosophy and I dream big.